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Agreement with the Textiles Human Resources Council
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Agreement with the Textiles Human Resources Council of Canada. Harvard Business School Publishing : Online Courses

Werner International is proud to announce a long term agreement with the Canadian Textiles Human Resources Council. The agreement includes the use of the eVolution™ training system developed by the council and used in many countries.

Werner International has made a quantum leap in training recently by using the eVolution™ system. The software, available on the Internet and on CD, perfectly supports the renowned and widely used Werner AMPS® training system.

The system was developed by the Canadian Textiles Human Resources Council and funded by the Canadian government. Various authorities were involved in developing the training tool such as NCSU (North Carolina State Universities), Leeds University (UK), technical colleges in the USA and Canada and finally, senior manufacturing experts were called to review the content.

Courses Available

The program includes a wide range of courses and is web-based (also available on CD-Rom) meaning that individuals can follow the various courses at their own rhythm, around-the-clock, sitting at their computer. A password is given to each employee and their utilization can be monitored by your human resources department.

eVolution™ is the perfect support to your training initiatives and the Werner consultants are using it regularly to take advantage of the animation and videos available.

The program has the depth to develop the skills of the personnel on their own process but is an invaluable tool to spread the knowledge of all the manufacturing sections to everybody, including the sales and marketing people.

Textile manufacturing skills (in English and French)

All majors manufacturing processes are covered.

  • Textile manufacturing basics

  • Fibers and yarn manufacturing

  • The weaving process

  • The knitting process

  • Dyeing, finishing and printing

  • Nonwoven technology

  • QC and testing, process control and plant operations

  • Apparel manufacturing

  • Carpet manufacturing

Textile technical skills (In English and French)

  • Electrical fundamentals

  • Electrical motor controls

  • Introduction to pneumatics

  • Introduction to hydraulics

  • Introduction to electronic/computer controls

  • Introduction to programmable logic controllers

  • Programming PLC

  • Mechanical power transmissions

  • Health and safety

Skills assessment

The eVolution™ system is kept updated by the Canadian council and has the possibility to assess the knowledge of the personnel (by on-line questionnaires) prior and after the training programs.

Your Human Resources manager can easily design training programs for each individual, but the software can also make the programs automatically! Your manager can easily follow the progress of everybody by having full access to the training profiles. Your HR manager can even monitor the time each employee spends on the system.

The eVolution™ system has the capacity to quickly assess the training needs of your organization, design specific and individual training programs and is an efficient tool to monitor the knowledge of every individual before and after the training.

Occupational and competency profiles

The system is also offering all the occupational and competency profiles for the:

  • Operators

  • Technicians and mechanics

  • Supervisors

Complete but easy to read manuals clarify the tasks to perform and the knowledge and ability required.

Harvard ManageMentor® 10

In addition to the textile courses, Werner International can support your training efforts with the Harvard ManageMentor® 10. With this series of courses, all employees of your organization have around-the-clock access to online programs designed by Harvard Business School Publishing. A total of 42 interactive online business and personal development programs are available to your personnel at all levels.


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Harvard ManageMentor® enhances manager’s day-to-day performance and engages them with more than 200 interactive learning activities, audio downloads for every topic, more than 125 executive perspectives and more than 350 video elements.

Advisors for Harvard ManageMentor® include:

- Normand Augustine
- Timothy Butler
- Anne Donnellon
- David A. Garvin
- Edward Hallowell
- James L. Heskett
- Linda A. Hill
- Robert S. Kaplan
- Phillip Kotler
- John P. Kotter
- V.G. Narayanan
- James Waldroop
… and many more.

How you can profit from eVolution™, Harvard ManageMentor® and Werner AMPS®.

By joining Werner International, you team up automatically with these three training programs. To know more about the possibilities offered, you are invited to contact Mr. Alain Mathieu at :
alain.mathieu@wernerintl.com .

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Pakistan Benchmarking Study

Werner has carried out two major benchmarking studies so far this year on behalf of the Ministry of Textile Industry in Pakistan. The studies concentrated on manufacturing processes, including: Preparation, Weaving, Dyeing and Finishing in both the towel and Denim Industries.

The surveys were done at a number of representative companies in both sectors at plants based in Lahore and Karachi and were done in response to a request from the Ministry of Textiles in order to contribute and support the competitiveness of its textile and garment industry in what is now a globalized marketplace. Within this context, the benchmark initiatives objective is twofold. On the one side, assess and evaluate the level of internal competitiveness of participating companies through the execution of a deep and detailed analysis and auditing. On the other side, provide companies with a benchmarking comparison of their performance to those achieved by best similar competitors all over the world and therefore specifically outline performance gaps and improvement potentials.

On completion of the studies, individual reports were presented to each participating company with a final combined sectorial report presented to a joint meeting of senior executives of the companies concerned and to the Minister of Textiles in Islamabad.
Werner is extremely grateful to all those that participated in this exercise, for the manner in which they cooperated fully with our consultants during the course of the studies at the manufacturing units.

This exercise is part of an ongoing project in which Werner was asked to look at a number of sectors that are of concern to the Ministry including: Ginning, Yarn Processing, Home Furnishings, Garment manufacture, Knitting and others.

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ITMF Conference Mauritius

October 11 – 14, 2008.

The ITMF conference "Challenges for a Greener and More Sustainable Textile Industry" will be held on the Island of Mauritius.

Representatives from many of the worlds major organizations will be presenting papers at the conference, such as: International Cotton Association, PCI Fibres, Marks & Spencer, Li & Fung, Textile Intelligence Association, Patagonia, Milliken, TextilWirtshaft, Stefanel, Denim des Iles Ltd, and many more.

Werner International will be represented by Consultant, Harold Harvey, who will be presenting a paper titled "The Green Way Forward", a manufacturing overview of Asia, Africa and the Far East. The paper will examine the cost of being classified as an environmentally friendly manufacturing operation, with the emphasis on technology, energy, raw material and manufacturing costs. The report will focus on the efforts and results from countries such as: China, India, Pakistan, Korea, Egypt, Vietnam etc.

Excerpts from the paper will be available in a future edition of "New Twist".

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News from India

Himatsingka Linens, part of Himatsingka Seide, has successfully implemented the Werner AMPS training system. The new weaving installations include 320 Picanol looms producing bed sheeting products. The investment represents the biggest Jacquard wide fabric installation in India with 48 wide width looms.

The finishing operations have a daily capacity of 60,000 meters and the sewing department is able to deliver 10,000 finished sets.

Mr. Alain Mathieu, Executive Vice President of Werner recently visited the installations to deliver a final copy of the training manual and was impressed: "Himatsingka Linens has certainly the potential to become one of the best sheeting company in the world. Testing, manufacturing and training facilities are simply world class".

Mr. A.V. Nair, Vice President (Operations) of Himatsingka Linens, mentioned: "We are very pleased with the contribution of Werner International and the AMPS training system is definitely an effective training method. We continue to strictly adhere to the system to accelerate the development of competent and productive operators in weaving."

Even if Himatsingka training organization is now self-sufficient, a Werner consultant is maintaining regular contact. "I like to have a Werner consultant here from time to time. His efforts and dedication are well appreciated and he keeps our people on the edge" Mr. Nair said.

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Turquality® Success : Derri Design

Turquality®, a brand supporting program, nowadays well known all over the world, is a unique example of how a government can promote the international exposure of a number of domestic brands by financially supporting the best and most promising Turkish enterprises in a number of industrial sectors (textile, construction, FMCG, furniture, etc.), provided that they are able to prove a capability and a potential to become international brands.

Werner International has been very actively involved in Turquality® project since the very beginning, when the program was only consisted in the Turquality® logo and by a first group of apparel (fashion) companies, successful on the domestic market. Along the years from that starting point Werner has provided its support in setting the strategy of the program on one side while developing a system and criteria for assessing and benchmarking applicant companies. We have also pointed out various areas of improvement for many of these companies and implemented several support projects, either in the technical or the marketing and strategy field.

Today Werner is still involved in a number of interesting consultancy projects with most of these companies.

One of the most successful examples of such fruitful collaborations is the one in association with DSD, for their Derri Design brand.

Werner International has been assisting DSD, initially by providing strategic coaching to the Company for the effective positioning of their brand Derri, then in the refinement of the Derri Design brand concept, meant to be a core value brand concept for progressive international repositioning.

Werner International has supported the Company management in the fine positioning of the brand and throughout all the necessary implementation steps, such as brand concept development and design, merchandising planning, collection development, store / corner concept development, etc.

Werner International has brought in a multidisciplinary team of experts, including consultants with strong and consolidated competences in fashion branding, retailing, concept design, as well as designers for collection development, store concept development, in-store material design (displays, hangers, boxes, labels, ribbons, etc.), and communication material (catalogues, video, flyers, etc.).

In January 2008, Werner International introduced DSD to a well known American representative. Starting from the SS09 season Derri Design collection, will therefore be presented to leading US retail accounts from a nice New York downtown showroom.

Werner International and DSD have been collaborating for over a year now and through the development of two full collections, FW08 and SS09. The success of this cooperation is also the result of the hospitable and receptive environment created in the Company by its Board members and their management collaborators.

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