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Werner International was pleased to participate in "The Program for Productivity Transformation" which took place at the National Conference Center in Bogota, Colombia over the days of March 18th and 19th.

Mr. Harold Harvey, Senior Consultant, represented Werner International with a presentation titled "Challenges for a Greener and more Sustainable Textile Industry - Opportunities for Profit Growth through Sustainability." The well-received speech looked in-depth at the problems, challenges and opportunities that exist for those organizations willing to follow the sustainable routes. Particular emphasis was placed on the Colombian manufacturers attitudes and responses and what directions they need to follow if they want to remain in business by producing added value products.

The presentation (available upon request) included details about how Werner International can lead the way forward for Colombian companies in training, education and managerial development.

The conference included an opening address by the Minister for Commerce and Industry, Mr Luis Guillermo Plata to an audience of over 300 people.


Werner International was present at the Seminar organized by the Arab Textile Federation in Syria between the dates of May 3-4, 2010. There were various expert speakers from Syria, Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia, and Jordan, sharing their experience and also assessing the current situation of the Textile Industry. The overall topic for the Seminar was to assess the current economic situation of the Arab Textile Industries, the relationship with neighboring countries, analysis of best practice examples from more developed textile companies, and a forecast for the future of the Arab Textile Industries.

The speakers and attendees discussed how the collaboration between the Arab countries could be improved. It is very important to be aware of each other's strengths, to collaborate and share know-how in order to become a united and strong region for textile production. Looking at the recent trends in the global textile industry, it is evident that the production is shifting towards lower cost countries. The Arab countries can present such an opportunity, also taking into consideration its vicinity to Europe, preferential agreements with US market that Egypt and Jordan have through the QIZ. However, at the same time it is important to develop the quality of production, the speed, and the communication skills. In order to attract orders, it is important to present a reliable and fast service, and to take advantage of the availability of short/medium cotton in Syria and Sudan, as well as, Long staple cotton in Egypt, alongside the availability of upstream textiles industry in Syria and Egypt and downstream in Tunisia, Morocco, and Jordan.

The speech by Werner International mainly focused on the trends in the global textile industry. The main emphasis was on the fact that the only certainty in the industry is the uncertainty in the global dynamics. The economic downturn starting in 2008, the fast fashion trends, faster lead times, lower prices are pushing all the players globally towards an ever greater competition. Therefore it is important for each company to assess their strategic awareness and find their own unique position in the market. The speech of Werner has also emphasized the importance of creating branded products to fulfill consumer demand in the Arab region.


Werner International is pleased to announce its participation to the "From Dirt to Shirt" initiative in Liberia. The initiative, created by Sustainable Global Sourcing (www.sustainableglobal.org) from San Francisco USA, has the objective to create employment opportunities for women in Liberia.

The Liberian Women's Sewing Project Workforce Development Program is a comprehensive skill enhancement agenda and includes 5 courses starting from personal development to manufacturing, up to advanced entrepreneurship.

The immediate plan is to start-up a sewing plant that will produce t-shirts and other garments, using a supply chain owned and operated by Liberian women. The plant is located in the capital, Monrovia.

Werner International has been assigned as the Technical advisor to the project and will provide training methodologies and technical support. The first phase will focus on the training of the sewing personnel.

Werner International is proud to bring its expertise in garment manufacturing and invite you to meet the CEO, Mr Chid Liberty of Sustainable Global Sourcing, on youtube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BEdVkv8_Pu8

Successful Werner support to the Garment Industry Productivity Center in Cambodia                                                           

The Garment Industry Productivity Center, referred here as the GIPC, was funded by USAID in October 2005. Aimed at filling a void in Cambodia, the center offers now technical assistance to the local garment industry and management development training programs to the Cambodian middle managers and supervisors.

The aim of the initiative has always been to develop competitiveness in the private sector and the center's mission is to stimulate the productivity of the Cambodian apparel industry and ensure that Cambodians are prepared to take leading roles in the manufacturing sector.

The long-term ambition was to assist companies to move up market to greater levels of services and specialized products and markets.

January 2006 saw the commencement of the start-up activities and a pilot training program was launched in February 2006. Right from the beginning, Werner International has been appointed as Technical Advisor and supplier of training programs and technical assistance to the local companies. For the last 4 years, a total of 1,000 workers, from 60 companies, have been trained.

To ensure sustainability, Werner International has developed 12 local talents and as of now, these young Cambodian engineers are conducting training classes and are consulting the local companies on productivity issues.

Werner International has contributed to the implementation of productivity training services specifically developed to assist the local industry in meeting the competitive challenges posed by larger producer countries. In addition to technical assistance, Werner has introduced various courses aiming at improving the efficiency of the garment producers such as fundamentals of garment production, time study, line balancing and supervision, planning, cost and quality control.

Seminars, in collaboration with GMAC, the local garment manufacturer association, were held at regular interval and a short term management course, in affiliation with the University of Puthisastra, introduced local talents to the industry.

An important part of the assignment was to ensure that the productivity Center and local companies had competent trainers. The local GIPC engineers, taking advantage of various Werner specialists' presence, were also exposed to International realities by visiting various apparel companies in Shaoxing City (China).

Werner International is proud of its involvement in Cambodia and considers the GIPC start-up and effective operations as a success story.

A program of the Cambodia Skills Development Center Supported by USAID Cambodia - #3, Sangkat Toul Sangke, Khan Russey Keo Phnom Penh, Cambodia Phone: (855) 023-864 227-9 - H/P: (855) 012 721 243 www.gipc.org.kh




Werner International is in the process of compiling the data for the 2010 Labor Cost Comparison Report.

If your organization is interested in participating, please contact
Beth Marshall at info@wernertex.com for further information. All participants will receive a complimentary copy of the 2010 report when completed.



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